Our Mission

We aim to invest in AI Education through multiple Innovative Technology projects as a key to sustain economic development, which includes:
   ♦  Develop applications over AI and Robotics;
   ♦  Provide “AI-Classroom” by applying the technology of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR),
      Facial Recognition (FR), Knowledge Engine, Voice-based Query Answering, etc.
Leverage Big Data and Deep Learning as well as other latest technologies to build the Education Ecosystem for different stakeholders, including students, parents, colleges, universities (R&D), Education Bureau and other government authorities.


Our Business

We seek to become a model for AI Education and Robot-advisors in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. We hope to promote the usage of VR, AR and FR technologies to develop high-valued AI Classrooms, as well as leveraging Big Data and Deep Learning and other latest technologies to build the Education Ecosystem for different stakeholders. In terms of education strategies, we intend to develop products and services that support human teachers, as well as products and services that provide individualized assessment and customized teaching to parents and students from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. We expect that some of these strategies will include collecting user data to power our AI systems, facilitate the data science and AI courses in our curriculum and preparing the technology infrastructure that will enable the adoption of this technology.

In longer term, we hope to expand our reach to other markets across the Asia Pacific Region and potentially other overseas markets through strategic partnerships as well as internal marketing efforts.