Our Mission

We aim to invest in AI Education through multiple Innovative Technology projects as a key to sustain economic development, which includes:
   ♦  Develop applications over AI and Robotics;
   ♦  Provide “AI-Classroom” by applying the technology of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR),
      Facial Recognition (FR), Knowledge Engine, Voice-based Query Answering, etc.
Leverage Big Data and Deep Learning as well as other latest technologies to build the Education Ecosystem for different stakeholders, including students, parents, colleges, universities (R&D), Education Bureau and other government authorities.


Our Future

We believe that the convergence of artificial intelligence and education, specifically through the use of education robots, is an emerging and high growth industry. According to Deloitte's estimation in 2018 China Education Development Report (Deloitte China Report), China's education market will reach RMB2.68 trillion by 2018 with training organizations, K12 and STEAM education and private kindergartens comprising the three largest segments. The total scale of private education is expected to reach RMB3.36 trillion by 2020 and approach RMB 5 trillion by 2025 with an annual growth rate (AGR) of 10.8%.

We expect to engage in research and development to ensure our competitiveness in the Education sector, as well as maintaining our competitive advantage of our products and services. We expect our research and development activities to be conducted internally as well as in conjunction with strategic partners and or through outsourced vendors.

We invest continuously in high-return innovative technology and R&D, which includes 5G technology that will increase efficiency and effectiveness for AI Classroom and to network with other communities.

We promote our business across all countries in Asia Pacific via different marketing campaigns, seminars, promotion materials and roadshows to schools and education centers.