Products & Services

In our AI Classroom, we offer immersive learning experiences through the use of in-class facial recognition technology and augmented and virtual reality apps that allow students to interact with dinosaurs, insects and the like in simulated scenarios. Student learning is supplemented by our extensive library of education apps, software programs, interactive books and robot learning devices which can be accessed 24/7 inside and outside of the classroom. Student engagement and performance is monitored and recorded through our facial recognition devices, apps and robot learning devices thus providing valuable assessment data for educators and parents to enable real time intervention and individualization.


1170 Education Apps:

1170 Education apps are including the Multimedia Innovative course

   ♦  Health (150 apps)
   ♦  Chinese (150 apps)
   ♦  English (150 apps)
   ♦  Moral Education (150 apps)
   ♦  Mathematics (150 apps)
   ♦  Arts (150 apps)
   ♦  Science (150 apps)
   ♦  Chinese Culture (120 apps)

144 Books

The subjects covered by these books will include Chinese, English, Mathematics and Logic for K1-K3. We believe that the 144 books are great reading materials filled with interesting stories and enable schools to communicate more efficiently with parents.

Comic Drawings

Our comic drawings, “Sea World” is one of our comic topics.

Education AR computer programs:

Our 6-series educational AR computer programs cover the following topics: Insects, Marine lives, Birds, Terrestrial Animals, Reptiles and Dinosaurs. For each series, it comprises of 36 short animations, and each category is equipped with Photo cards and Interactive Cards which enable children to interact with animals (ex. feeding). We believe that the 3D Augmented Reality Apps will create a brand-new world for kids with the safe, real and interactive technologies. It allows children to see, recognize and interact with various kinds of animals and creatures through phone devices and TV.

Robot Advisory:

Robot Advisory technology includes voice-based query answering tools that use algorithms to automatically perform tasks and interactively answer queries from students.