We provide our delivery services through direct delivery (Direct Model) and through our network of subcontractors (Network Model) as well as other custom value-added logistics services. Though working with six network business sub-contractors to find the most competitive partner to serve our client.

Work flow of a typical delivery - Step 1: Parcel Pickup

Our courier team collects the parcel from the sender once it receives a delivery order. Unless the sender chooses pay-at-arrival service, our pickup team collects the delivery service fee from the sender at the time of pickup. The pickup team collects and sends the parcels to our centralized control sorting hub in Zuzhau twice per day. Typically, parcels that are picked up before 9 a.m. will be shipped to the hub on the same day. Through each waybill, we assign a unique tracking number and corresponding barcode to each parcel. The waybills, coupled with our automated systems, allow us to track the status of each individual parcel throughout the entire pickup, sorting and delivery process.

Work flow of a typical delivery - Step 2: Parcel Sorting and Transportation

Upon receipt of parcels shipped from various pickup outlets within its coverage area, the sorting hub sorts, further packs and dispatches the parcels to the destination by the courier team. Barcodes on each waybill attached to the parcels are scanned as they go through each sorting and transportation gateway allowing us to track the progress of each parcel.

Work flow of a typical delivery - Step 3: Parcel Delivery

Parcels are then delivered to the recipients by our network delivery team. Once the recipient signs on the waybill to confirm receipt, a full service cycle is completed and the settlement of delivery service fee promptly ensues on our network payment settlement system.